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Our Services



air freight

Fastest delivery. Best for time-sensitive, high-value, or perishable shipments


Rail freight

LCL and FCL cargoes delivery from China



Ocean freight

Intercontinental cargoes delivery at the best prices. LCL, FCL and bulk cargoes


Transportation of Vehicles

Truck and trailers delivery from factories to consumers


Road freight

Commonly used mode of transportation for both domestic and international shipments


Delivery of oversized cargo

Heavy and bulky goods transportation


Steps Of Cooperation

How we work


Listening To You

Listening to the client's logistics needs, such as delivery locations, timelines, and budget constraints, to gain a thorough understanding of what they require. It's essential to ask questions and clarify any uncertainties to ensure that the team and the client are on the same page.

Lane Pairing Analysis

Analyzing the available transportation options, such as air, sea, or land, and finding the best match for the client's requirements. It involves evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the available options and matching them with the client's needs to find the most efficient logistics solution.

Check All Details

Verifying and validating all logistics details, including cargo weight and dimensions, customs requirements, and insurance needs. It's essential to ensure that everything is in order before proceeding to the next phase.

Fast & Efficient Delivery

Executing the logistics plan with speed, precision, and quality. It's crucial to keep communication lines open, address any issues that arise promptly, and deliver the cargo within the agreed-upon timeline and budget while ensuring that it arrives at its destination safely and securely.

Why We Strive

We Provide Solution

Land Transport

Rail and Truck transportation

  • Combined & Complete Cargoes
  • Oversized Cargos
  • Warehousing Operation
  • Air Freight

    Air transport organization and industry driving coordination experience

  • General Air Freight Products
  • Export Services
  • Charter Services
  • Ocean Freight

    Intercontinental cargoes delivery at the best prices

  • Less-than-container Load
  • Full Container Load
  • Intermodal Solutions
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    Transland is the world’s driving worldwide coordinations supplier — we uphold industry and exchange the worldwide trade of merchandise through land transport.

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